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Insure your freedoms

You can vote with the power of your wallet to insure your freedom of choice.

Begin by supporting your local independent bookstores or your favorite mail-order catalog. I recently read an article in which someone recommended sending away for several catalogs to use as resources to select books, but to then buy the books from an on-line company. The author reasoned that there was nothing wrong with this because the catalogs were "freely" provided. Well, nothing given you is without cost. Catalogs are expensive to design, to print, and to mail to you. A company provides you with a catalog in the hopes that you will purchase enough items from them to offset those costs. If they don't get enough purchases, the catalog will soon disappear. If a company has people who can answer your questions, or a catalog that offers resources, great selections and descriptions, decide how much that is worth to you. It the prices are the same or only slightly higher, you may want to order from them to support the other benefits you get. By purchasing elsewhere, you are casting your vote for that company to disappear.

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